TV show Ferdinand gardens

In 2017 Ferdinand with his excellent creative team, produced an eight-part documentary TV show about a modern approach to contemporary garden architecture. The TV show received  positive feedback from the general public and industry experts as well.

The TV show offers a fresh insight into the landscape architects work. You will see in some episodes we managed to bring many projects with pleasing results. In some cases it was not so successful for various reasons. This is how it is in life and the same goes for the life of a landscape architect.

After the success of the first series, in 2018 Czech TV finished the second series. This series details the finished family garden reconstructions. Every episode gets candidly under the skin of every family who has made the design to allow Ferdinand and his team to transform their garden. At times you can sense that some reconstructions may eventually hit a raw nerve. In the series you will be introduced to three generations of families, also a single owner or a young family expecting their first child.  Miscellaneous gardens where featured across the Czech Republic.

Ferdinand gardens

II. series

Ferdinand gardens

I. series